City Life to Suburbia: Labor Day Weekend in Maryland

Like many of us dreading the end of summer and finding ways to end it with a bang- I chose to go home, see family, and decompress from the city life.

Home Town: Olney, Maryland


I call Olney, Maryland (suburbs approximately 15 miles outside of D.C) home and while I wasn’t at the beach, Martha’s Vineyard, or the Hamptons, I’m extremely happy with my decision to go home and spend time with family. It’s crazy…it wasn’t until this visit that I would truly appreciate the beauty of my parent’s neighborhood but if I’m honest, I had intended on to taking pics and doing some local exploring 😉

Parent’s Backyard

While at home, my sister and I chose a day to do activities in Olney. We decided to have brunch locally, grocery shop, sip wine, explore, and be care- free-black-girls.

Pics below of our fun filled day: (when we weren’t taking advantage of my parent’s bathtub, stocked fridge, and binge watching ratchet television).

Brunch at Cava: Mini-chain branch for tapas-style Greek dining, serving up classic eats in an industrial setting.



The food was delicious and what’s best about Cava is that you get unlimited tapas and .25 cents mimosas, champagne, or bloody mary’s. This is a win!


Grocery Shopping at Roots:


If you know me, you know that I like a good balance. We indulged in so many crepes, it was ridiculous- I was in need of some tea and delicious healthy food options. Roots is sort of like Trader Joe’s meets Whole Foods. Local produce and much more- definitely my go to spot for special items.

Shamesley taking pictures at my parent’s house- Thanks sis!




If you’re ever in Olney or from Olney, let me know places that you love. I’m all for local exploring and adventures.




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