Sandra currently works in Production Management at Turner Broadcasting (truTV) and is a Brand/Marketing Strategist for SoBoh Consulting.

Sandra’s inspiration stems from a fascination with the ever-changing worlds of tech and new media. Sandra’s skill-set is built on leveraging technology, and emerging digital/social trends, to deliver compelling content that blurs the line between linear programming including television and film and digital properties.

As a Content Producer, Brand Strategist and Marketer, Sandra’s experience in Marketing, Video, and Television production allows her to work closely with her clients to identify business/marketing needs, target audiences’, and media environments well-suited to reach their goals.

Sandra bridges her love for storytelling and strategy by delivering compelling content and executing tactics to reach target audiences. Sandra’s mission is to enhance the way people consume content in a way that is not only motivating and inspiring, but calls people to action.


Video & Television Production, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing (including video), Social Media Strategy, Budgeting, Content Strategy, Analytics & Insights, Strategic Branding

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