Cure For Millenial Angst: The Passion Planner

So I might be a little late to the whole PLANNER craze but I’m finally getting the hang of it.

Passion Planer & Magazines for motivation!

The Passion Planner  is one of the most popular planners out there but for good reason…..

How?! Unlike most planners that are focused solely on straightforward planning- the Passion Planner serves as a channel to materialize long term goals that are both aspirational and inspirational.

This planner is dedicated to millennials. What’s great about this planner is that it encourages you to create a “passion roadmap” by making plans according to your ‘North Star.’ By centralizing your plans on a  life goal, you’re able to chip away at this goal by monthly assessments and check-ins.

Road Map (left page) and 3 Month plan (right page)

If you’re anything like me, time management, organizing ideas/thoughts, and providing plans for execution is a huge challenge. I’ve learned through my life coach that when I write my goals down and view it daily/weekly I am far more effective.

Road Map in detail (left page) and 3 Month page (page right)

I have the 2016 Planner- Compact (5.5”X8.5”). If you’re interested you can purchase your passion planner here.

Thanks to my friend Lauren Carson and founder of @blackgirlsmile who provided the staff with these lovely planners!



Here’s a tutorial/review on the passion planner.





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